Hi, from Istanbul…

Living in a city that is 4 times the size of New York and with nearly 18 million people, not to mention the daily run-ins with the language barrier, can be a bit challenging…to say the least.  Through a crazy chain of events that is too long to jot down, for now this is ‘home’, and it’s a place I truly love.  When I first came here I wanted to see and do everything… but mostly, I wanted to EAT everything.  I really believe that food is the best way to get to know another culture.

I will never forget that as a child, every summer I would help my grandmother make biscuits in her kitchen (well she let me cut them out into circles—she did the hard work).  Every time I eat a similar bread object now, I am transported right back to her kitchen in the deep south in the sweltering heat of the summer.  That’s what food is: a memory, a story, a good day, a bad day.

Learning about Turkish food has not only given me my own memories of the city, but also has helped me to connect with locals while they share their own memories with me.  For each dish there is something exciting to be learned.  There’s the importance of the ingredients, the history of the region, and also there’s learning how someone’s grandmother taught them how to cook.

I wanted to start this blog to share what is so dear to me about this place.  I will write about food from restaurants, food that I love, recipes told to me by friends, and recipes that I desperately try (and sometimes fail) to make on my own.

Enjoy and Afiyet Olsun