Happy New Year + Updates: A Book and Blog Posts…

Happy New Year y’all, wishing everyone good health in 2022!

I’ve been working on a new much-needed blog update and will share a detailed ‘catch up’ post soon.

However, I wanted to share some special news first.

I hinted at this a while back but my dear friend, Matthew Rasmussen, and I have written a book! It’s a cookbook but also has many ‘journal’/‘blog-like’ stories of our lives here in Istanbul and of our travels. It’s an ode to being foodie expats and our years of adventures, usually together.

We did this during the Pandemic Lockdown (as we had lockdowns and curfews in Istanbul for nearly an entire year), hence the title Kitchen Quarantine. We created this for ourselves more than anything. It was a creative project to keep us sane during those days, and in the end we wanted to share it. We self-published it and have a few limited copies at the moment. To anyone who is interested please reach out to me and I can let you know if there are any available for sale still.

It is only available in the USA right now although we hope to do another order and bring some back to Turkey in the summer. It will also be available via the link on the website that we used to make it at a later date. For now, send me a message either here or on social media if you’re interested in one of the few copies in our first bulk order. We are just proud of ourselves for this project that really was so much fun to do and motivated us during quite a difficult time. To Matt, cheers, thanks for being my friend!

We made this!
Cover Page

Secondly, there have been several more collaborative blog posts with my Italian friends over on Aftertaste Blog (https://www.aftertasteblog.it/en/). I’ll drop links to the specific articles below. Those articles are short tales of a food memory, and they include a recipe related to that memory. The recipes are often family recipes or ones shared by friends. The posts written by the other blog members that are in English are ones that I’ve helped to edit. There are some pretty great recipes from them about traditional Italian food, so definitely check out their site!

My articles with recipes:

1- Macaroni and Cheese: https://www.aftertasteblog.it/en/macncheese-always-gives-me-the-taste-of-home/

2- Fruit Galette: https://www.aftertasteblog.it/en/bye-bye-miss-american-fruit-pie-my-go-to-easy-recipe/

3- Pumpkin Muffins (and a tribute to my Hermitage High HS crew):

4- ‘Panettabka’ (my marriage of Panettone with Babka):

Wishing all a great year to come and sending my love, 



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